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Mark Copelovitch

What possesses one, along with a small group of fellow MAMILs (Middle-Aged Men in Lycra) and the invaluable assistance of one brave spouse, to ride 280 miles, from Madison to Northern Wisconsin, in the middle of the summer? Well, hubris and foolhardiness, to be sure, along with a deep and abiding love of cycling. But most of all, I am riding to raise money to help the children in our community afford one of the finest Jewish summer camp experiences in the country. Camp Ramah in Wisconsin plays a central role in the life of my son, Micah, and in the lives of so many other children from Beth Israel Center, past, present, and future. It provides them a unique opportunity, each summer, to engage with Judaism – with children from around the Midwest and beyond – in a truly special and beautiful environment. Ramah Wisconsin has also, for decades, been a pioneer in developing meaningful Jewish camp experiences for children, like Micah, with special needs.

From July 11-14, we will once again Ride2Ramah. Through this ride, we are working to establish and endow a lasting fund to support scholarships for Beth Israel Center children who need financial assistance to share in the Ramah experience. Together we can make a difference!



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