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Paul Wilson

Thank you for visiting. Camp Ramah plays an important role in my daughters' lives. In addition to providing a place for them to be immersed in a Jewish life, it also gives them a place to build face-to-face relationships without the distraction of technology.

Through this ride, I'm trying to establish and grow a lasting fund to support scholarships for Beth Israel Center children who need some financial help to have this same experience. Together we can make a difference!

Thank you!
- Paul



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1. Alice Nagus
May it be a safe and great ride.
2. Ana Lopez Lara
3. Team Fafinski
We know how much Moira LOVES camp! Ride On!!
4. G'pa and G'ma
Enjoy the ride and hope the wind is at your back!
5. Samuel Caplan
6. Jason and Kerry
Good luck!
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